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Once again woefully behind on my updates but the good news is- we’re finished! At least the structure itself. We laid the last earthbag in early August, finished the cob office by September and I just finished the interior base plaster on October 2nd. (We’ll finish with a tinted final plaster next spring, and tadelakt finish the floor, but it’ll do for now.)

Last night we fired up the mass heater and spent hours enjoying the fruits of our labour. The living room is quite spacious and we’ve decided to leave it that way. It’s nice having room enough for a dance floor right in the middle of our living space and the acoustics in the building are wicked! And I love how multifunctional our new couch is! Heats up our bums, throws enough radiant heat to heat a good portion of the room, boils our tea and even makes toast. (I’m actually really looking forward to finding out just how much food I can prepare on the mass heater alone.)
We’re not quite done yet. We still have to put the insulation and rafters up. We’re working on a low rock wall that surrounds the south side of the building and moving several (more) tons of earth for the garden it will support. We’re a long (long) way off having our solar panels mounted and our electrical system in place. But our house is up, the berming is pretty much complete for this year, the mass heater is working nicely, and our wood stove is in place so what’s left on the list seems like nothing compared to the work that’s reached completion.

Toasty couch 🙂

Entrance to office

A couch that makes tea!

Pioneer Maid

**My apologies to the many people I’ve neglected to respond to in the last while- I’m working my way through your messages this morning and will do my best to get back to you before heading out. Still lots to finish up and I am really aiming for completion before the snow flies after which I’ll have more detailed updates and try to stay more on top of correspondence.**

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