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We headed off to Cuba a while back thinking that a vacation was looong overdue and hoping to return to spring-like weather. No such luck. We drove through a near province-wide blizzard to get to the airport and returned to a blizzard that started up just minutes into our (normally) four hour drive home. Winter continues to dump a massive amount of snow in the region. It’ll slow down this week according to weather reports but we’re still due to get between 5 and 10 centimetres more by Friday.


So what’s a girl to do? Order seeds and dream of warmer days! And that’s what I did last week, finally whittling down my wish list to a more practical (affordable) one. Still not entirely cheap (by my standards anyway) by the time I was done, but a considerable savings if even half of it produces and saves me gas money and grocery store prices.


I’m not sure if I mentioned here or elsewhere (a friend keeps suggesting that I buy gingko for memory but of course I never remember to) but we’ve been following Michael Pollan’s suggestion to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants”. Let me tell you, in our region that is a bitch to follow. Walking into our grocery store is like being transported in time- hardly any fresh produce, mostly root vegetables and nonsense like iceberg lettuces, all at ridiculous prices. If we ate canned or frozen food we’d be set but, well, ick!


I don’t have any difficulty avoiding processed/refined foods because I am making everything from homemade bread to yogurt to gnocci, soup, pasta, crackers and more but getting our hands on healthy produce is a trial. So I’m looking forward to gardening this year and determined to make the time, regardless of how busy the building season is.


On a related note, it looks like we have just about finalized our plans for an attached grow space. ‘Grow space’ rather than greenhouse because it’s not going to be a traditional greenhouse, not with the limitations of our climate and materials available to us right now. But it’ll do for the basics, we hope, and we’ll continue building up the outside gardens as well as look at plans for more buildings down the road.


Also making our ‘great news’ list is the fact that our tractor has come in! Yeah baby! Now there’s a tool I’m looking forward to having, after three years of moving every bit of material (clay, gravel, sand, soil) one shovel-load at a time. It looks like we’ll be picking it up this weekend and I can hardly wait! I’m hoping that we’re able to use it to move some of the heavy snow from our lower areas on the property before spring thaw and flooding. Couldn’t be better timing!


I’ll definitely be taking pictures of our new addition once we pick it up but here are a few totally-unrelated-to-anything photos of our trip to Cuba for now. Check out the Man o’ War. Shane had a run-in with one and they’re not nearly as harmless as they look. 😉

man'o'war church building2 building beach beach2

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